King mackerel fishery to re-open for two days

29 Oct 2013

The Western Zone of the Gulf of Mexico will be re-opened to commercial fishing for king mackerel at 12:01am (local time) on 1 November 2013 for two days, closing at 12:01am on 3 November 2013.

After this time the Western Zone will close again and remain closed until 1 July 2014, when the new fishing season begins.

The Western Zone is from the US/Mexico border to the Alabama/Florida boundary.

During the closure, no commercial fisherman is permitted to fish for or keep king mackerel in or from the closed zone. There is an exception for people aboard a vessel that has a charter/headboat permit for coastal migratory pelagic fish and a commercial king mackerel permit, who can keep the two-fish per person daily king mackerel bag limit from the closed zone.

During the closure, no king mackerel caught in the closed zone can be bought, sold, or traded, including recreational and tournament-caught fish. King mackerel that were traded or sold during the reopening and held in cold storage by a dealer or processor can still be sold.

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