Kaufland donates €100,000 to Gambian fishery

24 Apr 2013
Kaufland has donated €100,000 to the Gambian artisanal tonguesole fishery

Kaufland has donated €100,000 to the Gambian artisanal tonguesole fishery

During the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels, German retailer Kaufland presented the Gambian artisanal tonguesole fishery with a cheque worth €100,000 to improve the situation of Gambian fishers and to help finance their upcoming MSC assessment.

The donation is the result of in-store initiatives that Kaufland ran in 2011 and 2012. For every kilo of MSC labelled fish sold during the campaign, Kaufland donated 50 euro cents at over 100 stores with fresh fish counters across Germany. It is this collected sum that is now being donated to the African fishery.

Dawda Saine, Secretary General of the National Sole Fishery Co-Management Committee (NASCOM), added, “The tonguesole fishers of the Gambia are very grateful to Kaufland for its generous support. We will use the money to carry out projects that will make the fishers’ daily lives easier, such as buying rescue boats, cool boxes and pushcarts. We will also pay part of the costs of the upcoming MSC-assessment, which we have been working towards for a number of years and which we hope will secure our income.”

Over 500 fishers navigate the River Gambia and the Gambian coastline in canoes every day to catch tonguesole (Cynoglossus senegalensis). Traditional fishing is one of the main sources of income in the Gambia and most of the fish is exported to Europe. In preparation for the MSC assessment, the fishery has already done some important work in collaboration with various partners. It has collected detailed information on the status of the tonguesole stock as well as the share and composition of the fishery’s bycatch. It has also drawn up a management plan designed to ensure that the tonguesole stock is managed and fished in a responsible, sustainable manner.