Iceland: EU, Norway will overfish mackerel

17 Dec 2010

After walking away from this year’s north-east Atlantic mackerel quota negotiations, Tómas Heidar, chairman of the Icelandic committee on mackerel fishing, said the European Union and Norway will be responsible for overfishing mackerel next year if they don’t review their decision on catching over 90% of the estimated quota for 2011.

Heidar said the EU and Norway are ignoring the legal rights of other states, such as Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Russia, to have a larger share of the mackerel quota.

Both Iceland and the Faroe Islands have expressed their intention to catch more than 10% of the remaining mackerel quota next fishing season, to the discontent of their negotiating partners.

The EU is considering whether or not to prevent Icelandic ships from unloading their catch in its member states because of the mackerel dispute.

[Source: IcelandReview]


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