HB Grandi invites bids for new freezer trawler

05 Apr 2017
The new trawler is designed by Rolls-Royce in Norway

The new trawler is designed by Rolls-Royce in Norway

HB Grandi has opened an invitation to submit bids for the construction of a brand new freezer trawler, the sixth newbuilding for the operator in recent years as it works to upgrade its fleet.

The trawler is of a new design fresh from the drawing board of Rolls-Royce in Norway. When completed, it will be 81m in length, have a 17m beam and a hold capacity of 1,000 tonnes for frozen products on pallets.

Brynjólfur Eyjólfsson, HB Grandi, told World Fishing & Aquaculture: "The construction of a freezer trawler is quite an extensive project and we need to ensure we get competitive offers for the project.“

"We have successfully renewed our pelagic fleet and by the end of this year we will have had renewed our fleet of wetfish trawlers. Our current freezer trawler fleet consists of three older vessels. Our decision to build a new freezer trawler is to increase efficiency, improve working conditions, reduce environmental impact and to further improve product quality. The new vessel will not be an addition, rather a replacement for older vessels."

HB Grandi has no further plans regarding construction of new vessels for the time being, but it has been very busy updating its fleet over the last few years.

It has had three wetfish trawlers built by Turkey’s Celiktrans shipyard - Engey RE, which has already been delivered and Viðey RE and Akurey AK, which are currently under construction.

In 2015, it finished the renewal of its pelagic fleet, with the new vessels Vikingur AK and Venus NS both also being built at Celiktrans.

Mr Eyjólfsson told WF&A that HB Grandi has had a very positive relationship with Celiktrans Shipyard and that it is satisfied with the vessels it has previously built.

Currently, HB Grandi owns and runs three freezer trawlers built during 1988 to 1992, four wetfish trawlers and two pelagic vessels.

The decision regarding the construction of the new vessel is expected to be made in early May with a view to having the new freezer trawler delivered at the end of 2019.

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