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Greenpeace releases tuna bycatch video

17 Nov 2011
The video shows a whale caught as bycatch

The video shows a whale caught as bycatch

Video footage captured by a tuna industry whistleblower has been released by Greenpeace, showing the extent of the bycatch caught by purse-seine vessels deploying FADs in the Pacific Ocean.

The video shows whale sharks, rays and whales being caught in the tuna nets.

The video has emerged less than a month before the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) meeting, where key conservation measures to secure the future of the Pacific region's tuna, marine life, food security and economic prosperity will be decided. Greenpeace says that the never-before-seen footage, shot onboard a tuna fishing vessel in the Pacific underlines the urgent need for nations to extend a fishing ban in the Pacific Commons and to ban the use of FADs (Fish Aggregating Devices) with purse seine nets at December's meeting.

FADs are floating devices used to attract fish to the surface and are banned in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean for three months of the year. Greenpeace says that this is not enough and is calling for their ban in purse seine fisheries, on a year-round, basis.

Greenpeace also wants tuna fishing across the Western and Central Pacific be cut in half.

The video is available at

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The video shows a whale caught as bycatch

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