Greenpeace delivers 100,000-strong petition to Brussels

29 May 2013
The paper boat petition. © Reynaers/Greenpeace

The paper boat petition. © Reynaers/Greenpeace

Greenpeace has delivered a petition to Brussels in the form of 100,000 paper boats, calling for urgent measures in support of small-scale sustainable fishermen and for a fundamental reform of the Common Fisheries Policy.

They were delivered on Tuesday as the final round of CFP negations got underway.

Greenpeace’s ship Arctic Sunrise has been collecting the paper boat fleet (made up of 90,000 online vessels and 25,000 paper models) from nine different countries as part of a Europe-wide ‘Gulliver tour’ in support of small fishing boats.

The meeting between EU fisheries ministers, the European Parliament and the Commission is expected to be one of the final joint meetings in the negotiating process which is attempting to reach a compromise deal on the new fisheries policy.

Greenpeace and small-scale fishermen have been campaigning for months to ensure the new fisheries policy rewards low-impact fishing with a larger share of fishing quota and preferential access to fishing grounds. At present, small boats have access to only 4% of the UK’s fishing quota, even though it accounts for three quarters of Britain’s fishing fleet and represents its more sustainable part.

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