Greenland whitefish enters MSC

14 Aug 2013
Greenland cod has a ready market in the UK

Greenland cod has a ready market in the UK

Greenland’s cod, haddock and saithe fisheries in the North East Arctic have entered into MSC assessment.

If successful, products from the fisheries will be eligible to bear the MSC’s blue Certified Sustainable Seafood ecolabel.

Henrik Leth, chairman, Sustainable Fisheries Greenland, said: “Our agreements with Russia and Norway, provide us with fishing possibilities for cod, haddock and saithe in the Barents Sea. We see the attempt to obtain MSC certification of our fishery in the region as a natural choice along these lines.”

The fisheries have three vessels, Sisimiut, Polar Princess and Ilivileq, which operate  under two agreements between Greenland, Denmark, Russia and Norway.

Each vessel is equipped with onboard processing facilities and supply most of their catch (80%) to the UK. Nearly all are processed as fillets (90%) and the rest are block frozen headed and gutted.

Cod and Haddock are particularly important species to the UK and is one of Greenland’s key markets.

This is Greenland’s second MSC assessment following on from the success of the coldwater prawn fishery in March.

The new assessment will be carried out by an independent auditor and should take around 11 months.

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