Further sea bass measures proposed

20 May 2015

The European Commission has announced the third package of measures to halt the decline of sea bass in the Celtic Sea, Irish Sea, Channel and North Sea.

The Commission’s proposal is the third in a series of proposals in relation to this stock this year. This proposal is addressed to the Council of Fisheries Ministers and will enable the ministers to decide about catch limits for particular fishing gears in order to protect sea bass. The Commission's proposal would also allow extending a prohibition - currently applied to Irish fishing vessels - to all Member State vessels in waters adjacent to Ireland.

This latest proposal envisages a maximum catch per month by gear type, limiting the targeting of the vulnerable stock, but allowing for incidental catches.

In the 1990’s Ireland introduced a ban on commercial fishing for its flag vessels. This prohibition is proposed to be extended to other Member States in the waters adjacent to Ireland outside of the UK 12nm limit.

The Council of Ministers will now decide whether to act on the Commission's proposal.

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