Funding Europe’s fisheries

11 Jul 2013

Further details have been released on the operating rules for the €6.5 billion European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

From 2014, the EMFF will fund EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) measures to make EU fisheries sustainable and develop aquaculture.

"The adoption of my report is a crucial step in protecting a European model of sustainable and competitive fishing", said rapporteur Alain Cadec.

However, environmental organisations disagree and say that allowing subsidies for new vessels and renewals will fuel overfishing. Funding will be allowed to renovate small-scale and coastal fishing vessels more than 35 years old (subject to conditions), and the committee also amended the proposal to allow young fishermen under 35 years old to be granted up to €100,000 in individual start-up support if he or she buys a small-scale and coastal fishing vessel between five and 20 years old and has five years of professional experience in the sector.

To help fishermen comply with new rules under the CFP, with regards to the discard ban and sustainable fishing, the EMFF will also help fishermen to comply with the new rules by supporting investments in more selective fishing gear or equipment to facilitate handling, landing and storage of unwanted catches.

The first reading plenary vote is to be taken at Parliament's second October part-session.

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