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First oyster fishery gets MSC cert

15 May 2012
The European flat oyster

The European flat oyster

Denmark’s Limfjord fishery has become the first oyster fishery to be granted with Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification.

This adds a new seafood species to the ever expanding certification programme and seafood ecolabel which recognises and rewards sustainable fishing.

The Vilsund Blue A/S Oyster fishery in Limfjord is the fourth fishery to become certified as part of Vilsund Blue´s continuous commitment to sustainable fishing.

Sören Mattesen, from Vilsund Blue, said: "We at Vilsund Blue are proud to announce that all the fisheries delivering our products now are MSC certified. Sustainability is a top priority at Vilsund Blue and getting our fourth certification is the fulfillment of our strategic goal. We will continue our work with sustainability in the future in order to secure the supply of the world’s best products to the world’s mussel and oyster lovers."

Certification was awarded because the fishery demonstrates good practice by limiiting activities to the western parts of the Limfjord with dredges that are restricted in size and weight. No more than two dredges can be used at a time and fishermen are prohibited from carrying mussel dredges aboard when fishing for oysters.

The fishery is managed by the Danish Directorate of Fisheries Authorities. Stocks of European flat oysters are mapped and annual stock assessments are performed within the Limfjord – this information is used to set a total allowable catch (TAC) for the fishery.

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The European flat oyster

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