“Extreme” lobster killing is compliant with regulations

Footage shows that the lobsters are still alive once they have been dismembered Footage shows that the lobsters are still alive once they have been dismembered

Claims by PETA that Linda Bean's Maine Lobster (LBML) plant uses “a primitive and painful killing method” on its lobsters and crabs have been refuted by Commissioner of the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR), Patrick Keliher.

Gruesome video footage by a PETA investigator working at the plant shows that workers “slam live crabs' faces onto spikes to break off their top shells and then press their exposed organs and flesh against stiff bristles”. They did not die outright and PETA says that this method violates Maine's cruelty-to-animals statute.

However, Mr Keliher said in a statement that after consultation with the DMR lead lobster biologist, what is shown in the video is compliant with state and federal laws and regulations.

In PETAs release it said that “the best way to help prevent lobsters and crabs from suffering is to stop eating them”, but that there are more humane ways of killing lobsters, including electrically stunning them or subjecting them to hydrostatic pressure before they're dismembered. The organisation also said it had asked to meet privately with Ms Bean or her staff but did not receive a response.

But Mr Keliher said “PETA has not sought to change the animal-welfare statutes as they affect lobster through legitimate public processes, but prefers to seek media attention by attacking Maine businesses.”


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