Extra training for Northern prawn fishers

02 Apr 2013

Fishermen from the Australian Northern Prawn Fishery have undertaken new TAFE-recognised training on best-practice fishing to help them reduce their bycatch and avoid protected species such as turtles.

The Northern Prawn Fishery has already received Marine Stewardship Council certification, but fishers have still signed up to further develop their knowledge and skills in this area.

The Northern Prawn Fishery stretches across the top of the country from Western Australia to Queensland, and recently became Australia's first tropical prawn fishery to receive MSC certification.

Australian Fisheries Management Authority CEO Dr James Findlay said, “It’s great to see the fishers looking to improve their understanding of bycatch reduction devices and learn practical ways to limit impact on the environment.”

Successful graduates will receive a nationally-recognised TAFE certificate demonstrating their knowledge of sustainable fishing practices.

The training course is part of a collaborative program between the Australian Fisheries Management Authority and the Northern Prawn Fishery Industry Pty Ltd, as part of the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country program.

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