EU/US cooperation against illegal fishing

30 May 2012

Today EU Commissioner Maria Damanaki will welcome her US counterpart, Dr Jane Lubchenco, US Under-Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere, to Brussels.

They will participate in a European Parliament hearing on EU/US cooperation at an international level to promote sustainable fisheries management in Regional Fisheries Management Organisations and other international fora.

A key area of joint action is the fight against IUU (Illegal, Unreported, Unregulated) fishing, on which a joint statement was signed by Commissioner Damanaki and Dr Lubchenco in the US in September last year.

Commissioner Damanaki will also present her views on how sustainability can be achieved worldwide in the context of the Common Fisheries Policy reform. Dr Lubchenco will give her view in that respect and describe accomplishments by US policy.

Tomorrow, 31 May, they will discuss sustainable fisheries management and the international fight against illegal fishing with representatives of fisheries stakeholders and NGOs.

On Friday 1 June, both Commissioner Damanaki and Dr Lubchenco will discuss the role of Regional Fisheries Management Organisations at a high-level conference organised by the European Commission at the Charlemagne building in Brussels.

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