Europêche welcomes deep-sea compromise

06 Nov 2013

The European deep-sea fishing industry has welcomed this week’s vote in the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee on a regulation concerning deep-sea fishing in the Northeast Atlantic.

In a statement, Europêche president, Javier Garat, said that the industry welcomes the compromise reached and that the final text is in line with the new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) which is extremely encouraging.

He said that the agreement strikes a balance between the different interests of all parties concerned. He said a ban on bottom trawling proposed by the European Commission was completely disproportionate to the objectives laid out in the legislation, as no international rule currently provides for a ban on any fishing gear.

But he also said that the industry welcomes the fact that additional measures similar to those applied in NEAFC and NAFO waters have be considered in order to increase the sustainability of the deep-sea fisheries sector in European waters – which will increase cooperation between the industry and scientists and help create a level playing field for deep-sea fishing, and will mean that EU vessels are not at an economic competitive disadvantage compared to third-countries.

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