EU-Mauritania talks suspended

14 Oct 2014

Parties involved in renewing the Protocol to the EU-Mauritania Fishing Partnership Agreement have agreed to suspend discussions, after being unable to reach an agreement on a number of points, including finances.

In the fourth round of talks, held in Brussels on 9-10 October, discussions were suspended to enable both parties to make the necessary internal consultations.

Based on the available surplus identified by the Joint Scientific Committee, and to ensure the sustainable exploitation of stocks, the EU is seeking to reduce the level of fishing opportunities for small pelagics, as well as the corresponding financial contributions that go along with them. This EU says that this reduction is further justified by the level of small pelagic catches in the current Protocol.

The EU has expressed its willingness to continue the dialogue with Mauritania in order to reach a mutually satisfactory compromise and forge a long-lasting partnership. To this end, and given the new strategic direction of Mauritania, the EU says it is ready to substantially increase its financial support to the Mauritanian fisheries sector.

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