EC launches new market Observatory

25 Apr 2013
Commissioner Maria Damanaki launched EUMOFA in Brussels © EC

Commissioner Maria Damanaki launched EUMOFA in Brussels © EC

At the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels this week, EU Commissioner Maria Damanaki launched the new online European Market Observatory for Fishery and Aquaculture Products (EUMOFA).

This EU-wide interactive web-tool will provide up-to-date data on volume, value and price of fisheries and aquaculture products throughout the supply chain. The EC believes that having timely information on prices and market trends will enable producers to better meet demand - increasing the market value of their products.

“If you want to know market trends and market drivers for wild or farmed seafood products, the Market Observatory is the tool for you," said Commissioner Damanaki. "What counts today is value, not volume, of production. With this modern tool we empower economic actors through accurate, real-time market information”.

The Observatory will be updated daily with production information from the local to the EU-wide level and includes data on imports, exports and consumption trends. It brings information together that was previously spread over several sources, formats and languages. It is multilingual, user friendly and free of charge.

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