EC proposes fishing opportunities for 2017

22 Jun 2016
The European Commission has proposed fishing opportunities for 2017 Photo: Skarabeusz

The European Commission has proposed fishing opportunities for 2017 Photo: Skarabeusz

The European Commission has adopted a Communication that sets out its principles for healthy and profitable fisheries in the EU.

This comes in preparation for the Council of Fisheries Ministers of the EU, where Member States' ministers will agree on fishing quotas for 2017.

Karmenu Vella, EU commissioner for maritime affairs and fisheries, said: “The performance of EU fleets confirms that the sustainable exploitation of fisheries in all EU waters addresses not only environmental, but also social and economic concerns.”

“To maintain this positive trend, equal commitment is required by Member States. I also intend to continue to roll out multiannual plans, including in the Mediterranean that combine sustainability with stability in fisheries, while moving towards more regionalised decision making."

The Communication presents the current state of fisheries in the EU. Its economic analysis of the sector indicates that, with an average net profit margin of 10%, the EU fleet achieved relatively high profits in 2014.

It argues that fisheries in Europe are showing good progress towards the sustainability target set out in the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), and therefore the Commission proposes to make further progress.

The proposal said when fish stocks reproduce at their maximum yield, this also allows fishermen to improve their turnover and profit. This should be reached as soon as possible, hopefully by 2020 at the latest. This should also contribute to delivering good environmental status in Europe’s seas by 2020.

In the Atlantic, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea more than half of fisheries were said to be operating at sustainable levels in 2014. Following the agreement on the first multiannual fisheries management plan in the Baltic, the Commission will accelerate the development of similar proposals for other EU sea basins and considers this regionalised approach a priority.

The Communication is now open to the public for consultation and contributions to the consultation will be taken into account for the Commission's proposal in autumn.

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