Crabstock 2013 to deliver facts

05 Mar 2013
The Crabstock logo was designed by the children of a Northampton school

The Crabstock logo was designed by the children of a Northampton school

The organisers of Britain’s inland fish and live music festival, Crabstock, have promised to put the British public fully in the picture about the responsible fishing methods deployed by the country’s shellfish industry.

Matt Ayres, professional chef and one of the festival’s founders, says: “Fish and seafood have received a lot of public and media attention this year in the wake of some recent documentaries. Unfortunately, a lot of the allegations that have been made about the shellfish industry, and in particular scallop fishing, are untrue; they have been sensationalised for television. British consumers need to be made aware of the facts and we will be doing our utmost during Crabstock to get the correct messages across to them.”

Crabstock recognises that one of the most common fallacies associated with scallop fishing is that it destroys vast areas of precious seabed areas, but says that British scallop boats have focused on the same modest number of relatively small fishing areas for many decades. These scallop beds are more affected by the tides and the motion of the sea than the vessels fishing them.

“Crabstock is a fun event for all the family, but it’s also about teaching people about the social and economic importance of supporting the country’s fishing industry. We believe that this country’s hardworking fishermen have been unfairly portrayed in recent weeks and our hope is the people of Northampton and beyond will listen to the fishermen visiting Crabstock talk about what really happens at sea and what catching delicious and nutritious shellfish actually entails”, said Matt Ayres.

Crabstock 2013 will be staged at The Obelisk Centrein Northampton between 19-21 April.

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