Conference: “No fish left on the plate”

21 Jun 2011

On 22 June, the 'Fish for the Future' group in the European Parliament is organising a lunchtime presentation to explain the need for urgent reform of the Common Fisheries Policy.

The Conference aims to raise awareness about the urgent need for a radical Common Fisheries Reform, ahead of the Commission's forthcoming proposal.

Ahead of the event, Commissioner Damanaki said: "We need to build consensus for a profound reform of the Common Fisheries Policy. Once it is adopted by the Commission, the European Parliament and the Council will need to maintain high the level of ambition, to meet the expectations of European citizens."

Commissioner Maria Damanaki will be joined by Professor Callum Roberts to give a historical analysis, Guus Pastoor from the EU Fish Processors and Traders Association, Tony Long from WWF, and Spanish fisherman Luis Rodriguez.

The conference will be held on Wednesday 22 June at 12.30, at European Parliament room PHS 5B 001.

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