Commissioner Damanaki wants Libyan fishery temporarily suspended

31 Mar 2011

Given the current situation in Libya, Maria Damanaki has expressed doubts about the capacity of Libyan authorities to ensure compliance with and enforcement of the measures established by ICCAT for conserving bluefin tuna.

In a letter to the ICCAT chairman, the Commissioner explains that, as long as this situation will last, this gives rise to grave concerns in a situation where bluefin tuna is already under serious threat.

She strongly believes that Libya is not in a position to honour the rights and to discharge the obligations arising from the ICCAT Convention, including the enforcement and co-operation obligations laid down in its Article IX, as well as the obligation to ensure compliance with and the enforcement of applicable ICCAT Conservation and Management measures.

Accordingly, the EU considers that the ICCAT Commission should decide that all ICCAT-related fishing activities conducted by vessels entitled to fly the flag of Libya or by other vessels within the waters under the sovereignty or jurisdiction of Libya be temporarily suspended until Libya is able to ensure the respect of all ICCAT provisions.

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