Canadian Coast Guard to improve communication and traffic services

23 May 2012

The Canadian Coast Guard has announced plans to modernise 12 of its Marine Communications and Traffic Services Centres to improve mariners’ communication and traffic services.

Information broadcasted by these centres includes weather and navigational warnings, and they also regulate traffic movement and monitor distress and safety calls.

Information is transmitted from a network of 214 radio towers and 24 radar installments across the country.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada says that the telecommunications network provides standard coverage in all regions of the country, but the communication and traffic services centres currently use outdated technology and are limited in their ability to cover or share workload in emergencies or unforeseen events like power failures.

The Coast Guard will modernise and consolidate its Marine Communications and Traffic Services into 12 centres across the country with state-of-the-art technology so that they can be better interconnected. The modernised centres will be able to seamlessly pick up any calls from other connected facilities. Some facilities will also increase their areas of responsibility and will receive additional staff and resources accordingly.

As a result, the Coast Guard will be able to consolidate services into these better centres and close those with outdated technology. All of the radio towers and radar facilities will remain where they are to maintain the current level of coverage.

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