Boosting cooperation on maritime surveillance

24 May 2011

Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Maria Damanaki, has welcomed the adoption of Conclusions by the Council of the European Union on the integration of maritime surveillance.

The Council supports the 2010 Roadmap by the European Commission towards the establishment of a Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE), which would interlink surveillance data and information systems held by various authorities and bodies that are linked to safety and security at sea.

The exchange of data between user communities, such as authorities dealing with transport related safety and security, fisheries control, marine pollution preparedness and control, marine environment, customs, border control, general law enforcement and defence services, will enhance effectiveness and cost efficiency of surveillance of European Seas in the long run and contribute to safer, more secure and cleaner seas as a basis for sustainable economic growth. It will allow authorities to cope more efficiently with real time events at sea.

"This ambitious project involves about 420 authorities and agencies at European and national level. When in full operation, it will not only ensure safer and cleaner seas, but it will also boost economic growth and favour the development of a European digital society", said Ms Damanaki. She underlined that "cooperation on data exchange will ultimately lead towards a new era in the governance of European seas".

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