Barents Sea fishery enters assessment

28 Mar 2013

Russian companies ZAO Strelets and ZAO Eridan have entered their joint cod and haddock fishery into assessment for MSC certification.

The fishery catches cod and haddock primarily within the Norwegian EEZ and Svalbard FPZ (ICES division I and II, FAO 27) year round, using bottom trawls. For 2013, the annual quota for ZAO Strelets and ZAO Eridan is set at 19,803 tonnes for cod and 3,536 tonnes for haddock. The fishery client owns three vessels, including Strelets and Korund.

The fishery’s main markets are Russia, Norway and The Netherlands. Main products are frozen-at-sea products; cod and haddock (headed and gutted) and cod and haddock fillets.

Igor Grekov, production manager of the client says: “Оur fishery of Barents sea cod and haddock has been a part of the Ocean Trawlers group certification. Agreement with Ocean Trawlers required us to supply our certified production of the fishery directly and exclusively to the above mentioned company. However, for us to be able to sell certified products also directly to our other customers, we have decided to enter our fishery into the MSC full assessment process independently from Ocean Trawlers. The MSC assessment of our fishery against the MSC standard is very important for the development of our companies and their entering at the global market of environmentally sustainable seafood”.

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