Australian study backs scientific approach

11 Dec 2012
Australia has taken a science based approach to fisheries management

Australia has taken a science based approach to fisheries management

According to Coalition fisheries spokesman, Senator Richard Colbeck, a major study released by the Australian Government backs the efforts of agencies and fishing operators who have adopted a science based approach to fisheries management.

The national assessment, Status of Key Australian Stocks Reports 2012, brings together biological, catch and effort information to determine the status of Australia’s key wild catch fish stocks, including whiting, coral trout, snapper and swordfish, as well as sharks, crustaceans and molluscs.

The study revealed that from 111 stocks upon which a determination could be made, 98 were classified as sustainable, nine were recovering, three were depleting and only two were classified as being overfished - the Southern Bluefin Tuna stock and School Shark stock.  

Senator for Tasmania, Richard Colbeck, said: “This clearly shows that the science-based approach to fisheries established by the previous Coalition Government works. We should congratulate the various agencies, scientists and fishing operators, whose collective efforts produce these outcomes.”

“It’s just further evidence of a confused policy approach. It is time environmentalists recognised our nation’s fishing industry for what it is – an important, environmentally sustainable source of protein and a significant contributor to the Australian economy,” he added.

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