Action plan to benefit fishermen

09 Aug 2012
The action plan will benefit fishermen

The action plan will benefit fishermen

An action plan prepared jointly by the European Commission and Spanish authorities will improve the catch registration system in Spain.

The agreed ideas to help reinforce the fisheries controls by Spain come after two years of system auditing whereby fishermen reported catch data so that fishing quotas could be measured to prevent overfishing.

Maria Damanaki, commissioner in charge of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, said: "A robust control system is a prerequisite for sustainability, and improving controls throughout the EU is a high priority for me. I congratulate Spain on the effort they took and hope that other Member States will follow suit. We are already working with them to that end."

The action plan aims to provide complete, reliable and timely data and will strengthen the measures set up by the Spanish Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAGRAMA) this year. New procedures and logistical support will make controls more efficient and cost-effective.

The plan will benefit the fishermen as stocks will be more abundant and access to fisheries resources will be fair and equal for all fishermen. The Spanish authorities will use the plan to create a compliant fishing society.

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