22% extra for ‘line caught’

07 May 2013
Line caught haddock on sale at Marks and Spencer © Nofima

Line caught haddock on sale at Marks and Spencer © Nofima

A Nofima project has found that UK customers are willing to pay up to 22% extra for frozen cod or haddock if the product is marked ‘line caught’.

As part of a four-year FHF project (Fisheries and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund) that began in 2010, Nofima has collated weekly records of the prices on nearly 100 different frozen fillets of cod, haddock and Alaska Pollock for seven British supermarkets.

The most striking result from the analysis is that line caught fish achieved a price premium of some 22%. The price that applies to both cod and haddock and can probably be explained by the fact that line caught fish are often of better quality than fish caught with other gear - therefore more expensive to purchase.

“The fact that the chains choose to label products with ‘line caught’ is probably related to the fact that the capture method is perceived to be more gentle on the seabed and thus fits well into chain's endeavors by acting responsibly”, says Geir Sogn-Grundvåg, senior scientist at Nofima.

This market surveillance is continuing through the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs.

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