2016 Black Sea fishing opportunities

25 Nov 2015
Fishing opportunities for 2016 in Black Sea

Fishing opportunities for 2016 in Black Sea have been proposed

The European Commission has proposed fishing opportunities for the Black Sea in 2016.

Based on the reformed Common Fisheries Policy, the annual proposal is for the amount of fish which can be caught by EU fishermen from the main commercial fish stocks next year.

The Commission proposes to maintain the EU autonomous quota for sprat at 11,475 tonnes for the Black Sea. The quotas for sprat are set at 70% for Bulgaria and 30% for Romania.

Advice for the proposal has been received by the Commission’s Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF).

STECF has highlighted that the situation for both turbot and dogfish has been deteriorating progressively in the last few years.

In previous years Romania and Bulgaria have proposed to increase the controls on catches of turbot to reduce illegal and unreported fishing, but the effort made by both countries has not been sufficient enough to address the situation.

This meant that STECF recommended zero catches for the fourth consecutive year for turbot.

STECF also recommended zero catches for the third consecutive year for dogfish due to the fact that the stock continues to face drastic depletion.

The Commission took into account the fact that the two EU countries account for nearly as much as 50% of catches and that elasmobranch species which include dogfish are important for preserving the overall balance of the marine ecosystem.

EU ministers will now discuss the proposal at the Fisheries Council in December.

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