Sustainable solution success for Scottish Aquaculture

23 Dec 2016

An investment in Scotland’s first Thermolicer device is proving a success for Scottish Sea Farms (SSF).

SSF purchased the Norwegian built system at a cost of over £4 million, with EMFF support of £425,000 by the Scottish Government department, Marine Scotland. 

Dr Ralph Bickerdike, SSF head of fish health, said: “This has been a real breakthrough in the fight against sea lice – having access to a new tool, which works in a completely different way to our other control measures, is a major achievement for the Scottish Industry.”

“It complements the other innovative solutions we are employing, such as biological control.”

The EMFF project was facilitated by the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC), with partners Cooke Aquaculture and Grieg Seafood, as part of an ongoing initiative to deliver non-medicinal approaches to control sea lice.

The Thermolicer is being used as part of an integrated sea lice management strategy whereby prevention is the priority, together with cycling of different treatments when intervention is required to avoid resistance developing to a specific control measure.

This is the first Thermolicer to be owned and used in Scotland and is part of Scottish Sea Farms’ continued investment in its infrastructure and development in fish health and welfare.

Heather Jones, CEO at SAIC said: “SAIC are delighted to see this degree of innovation and use of new technologies in the Scottish industry. Our support leading the EMFF bid – generously awarded by the Scottish Government – has helped Scottish Sea Farms to bring the Thermolicer to Scotland."

She concluded: "Its use here demonstrates an unprecedented level of collaboration across the industry. By continuously improving the use of this technology, making both the device and the know-how available to all companies in Scotland, the whole industry in Scotland can benefit.”

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