New feed neutralises raw material natural variation

12 Sep 2017
Rainbow trout

Aller Aqua's new feed aims to ensure minimal loss of nutrients

Aller Aqua has launched a new trout feed with a composition which neutralises the natural variation of the raw materials.

The feed consistency offered by Power2 was developed from a two-year trial of more than 80 different raw materials at Aller Aqua Research in Germany.

Aller Aqua’s trial involved continuously testing raw materials by producing pilot-scale batches of feed suitable for this purpose.

Paired with digestibility results the screening method enables measurement of the effect of raw materials on faeces consistency and fish appetite.

The company stated declaration and raw material composition may vary, but the content, which makes the fish grow, is fixed.

This means Power2 can provide a stable performance enabling predictable fish farm production, efficient utilisation of the applied resources and minimal loss of nutrients, said Aller Aqua.

Last month, the company, which produce fish feed for 30 species of freshwater and saltwater fish, announced its Norway division had carried out feed trials with rainbow trout in 2015-2016.

The tested feed included added organic minerals to strengthen the overall health of the fish.