Multipurpose fish farm vessel complete

12 Jul 2017
Attero Tim’s CAT-1373-25

Attero Tim’s CAT-1373-25 is a fish farm management catamaran with a suite of hydraulic lifting equipment

Croatia-based Attero Tim has completed the design and build of a multipurpose fish farm management catamaran with a 25t payload for Kornat Ittica fish farm on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast.

Attero Tim’s CAT-1373-25 aluminium catamaran has a low draft of 1.60m, a suite of hydraulic lifting equipment and can reach a maximum speed of 10.5 knots when fully loaded.

“Catamarans are ideal for fish and shellfish farming businesses, offering greater deck space and stable work platforms,” explained Enzo Sovitti, COO of Attero Tim. “The design of our CAT-1373-25 supports a whole range of the fish farming tasks, including transporting feed and equipment, replacing nets and handling anchor. But actually, she’s a great all-round working boat for any industry.”

Two John Deere PowerTech 6068SFM50 6.8l marine engines enable the vessel to navigate smoothly between the fish cages and handle sudden changes in weather conditions.

Each engine boasts 199kW of power and together, they turn a four-blade Clements Marine propeller through a Dong I DMT 90A gearbox with a 2.45:1 ratio.

Local John Deere marine engine distributor GM Turbo d.o.o. supplied the engines, complete with the gear boxes and two John Deere front mount Power Take Offs (PTOs).

Mr Sovitti said it was in the process of finishing the build of a second catamaran and has received an order for a third.