Algerian fish farming catamaran

21 Dec 2016
The vessel will be the first ECOREP-Piriou vessel built entirely in Algeria

The vessel will be the first ECOREP-Piriou vessel built entirely in Algeria

Piriou has secured an order for a newbuild aluminium catamaran for the Algerian fish farm, Eurl Zizou, its first vessel built entirely in Algeria under the ECOREP-Pirou joint venture.

The vessel, which will be 17m length and 6.2m breadth when completed, will be equipped with two 280CV engines and a 1.3m at 15m capacity crane. With a large 75m2 deck area, this catamaran can will be able to lift a maximum 25 tonne deck load.

As well as the vessel itself, which is scheduled for delivery in June 2017, ECOREP-Piriou will also deliver a 10m fibreglass support vessel to the fish farm.

This support vessel will feature a platform for divers to perform fish larvae and facilities surveillance, as well as a hydraulic outlet to connect the food supply system.

The ECOREP-Piriou joint venture was set up to exploit the strong growth of aquaculture in Algeria. In response to high demand for boat building and repair, Piriou has simultaneously developed a complete range of 14 to 17m catamarans for the market, as well as two 7.5 to 10m support vessels.

ECOREP-Piriou’s shipyard in Bouharoun can also perform servicing and maintenance. In future, it has the ambition to become a naval shipyard dedicated to the building of steel, aluminium and composite vessels up to 550 tonnes and to provide an associated repair and maintenance service for these vessels.

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