Ísfell’s new Flateyri aquaculture facility

30 Dec 2016

Ísfell has set up an aquaculture service facility in Flateyri

Icelandic fishing gear supplier Ísfell has established a facility at Flateyri in north-western Iceland for cleaning and servicing aquaculture cages, providing servies to the region’s growing aquaculture sector.

The new cleaning station has been equipped with a drum washer supplied by Norwegian company Bjørdal Industrier, and the Ísfell staff in Flateyri wash, test and inspect the netting bags used in aquaculture cages at the net loft on site.

The workshop has been accredited with Noomas certification, the Norwegian NS9415 standard that applies to  the design and use of aquaculture equipment in the sea. This standard covers the process from reception, including washing, inspection and repair, as well as the return delivery of netting bags to the customer, all carried out along the lines of the Norwegian standard.

Ísfell’s Flateyri facility is able to handle the requirements of customers from all parts of Iceland.