With so many new fishing vessels under construction, Naust’s design, production and testing divisions are working flat-out for a variety of customers

Russian fishing company Norebo Holdings is building a series of ten new trawlers, for which Naust is delivering a comprehensive package of 444 electric winches and Automatic Trawl Winch (ATW) Control System. This includes a third trawl winch for the first six trawlers of the ten, and these were added at a later stage of the design process.

Naust is also busy with a package of fifty winches, control systems and other deck equipment for 121-metre factory vessel Viktor Gavrilov, under construction at the Yantar yard in Kaliningrad for RK Lenina, which will become the largest in the Russian fleet.

As well as providing systems for new fishing vessels, adding a third or even a fourth winch is seen as an effective route to increasing fishing efficiency or streamlining fuel efficiency.

Trawlers Akurey, Viðey and Karelia II have all been rigged with a third trawl winch to enable them to tow twin-rig gear, while the owners of Norwegian trawler Remøy, operating in the Barents Sea, went to Naust Marine for a fourth winch, and reports good results now that this additional winch allows them to tow three trawls.

“Naust Marine is focused on great product quality, cost-effectiveness, and providing systems that are environmentally and safe for crews,” said the company’s general manager Bjarni Thór Gunnlaugsson.

“There are exciting years ahead, as the great people who work for and with Naust Marine all have the same ambition – to make things better for the maritime industry. Naust Marine has been a regular exhibitor at the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition for many years and we’re looking looking forward to this year’s event to meet both current and new customers.”

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There are exciting times ahead for Naust Marine, according to general manager Bjarni Thór Gunnlaugsson