Samband Stjórnendafélaga (STF), an association of unions for managers in Iceland, will use this year’s Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition to present the benefits and privileges of membership, with all managers in Iceland having the opportunity to join the union.

While there are several management unions in Iceland, STF is the umbrella above all the other associations. It offers the managers one of the best health funds available in Iceland, a great education fund and many more benefits. STF members also receive a particularly good educational grant when they join the very successful management programme, Stjórnendanám.

At IceFish 2024, STF will team up with Símenntun HA to promote Stjórnendanám. This management programme was created in 2015 to meet the needs of the labour market in collaboration with STF and SA (Association of Business). Later, Símenntun HA entered the partnership, and it was decided to switch the programme to a distance learning format.

Símenntun Háskólans á Akureyri (the continuing education of University of Akureyri/SMHA) has been an operational unit within HA for many years, and today has considerable expertise in the area of distance learning solutions.

The management programme is regarded as an extremely practical course. It was set up to enable managers and middle managers to improve their skills. It’s also great for people who want to take on more responsibility at work and become a manager.

As it’s designed for working people, the workload is reasonable, and tasks are based on students’ workplace experience. In this way, they gain immediate insights into how the content of the course can be used in their workplace and can start working accordingly.

In addition, SMHA promotes other distance learning courses available, including an MBA programme, a Master’s degree in human resource management, project management and leadership skills in healthcare management.

Meanwhile, SMHA’s programme offering at the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI), Scotland, has steadily increased since 2020 when MBA programmes began to be offered through it. Since then, human resource management and leadership skills in health management have been added. All these programmes are at master’s level and are taught 100% remotely with the flexibility that working people require. Learn more about the associationa and what they have to offer on stand P30 

[Mannauðsdagurinn.jpg] Caption: (Left) Ásdís Sigríður Þorsteinsdóttir project manager at Símenntun HA and (right) Bjarni Gústarfsson president of STF during HR day in Reykjavík 2023.


Mannauðsdagurinn 23[90]

Mannauðsdagurinn 23[90]