Skipsteknisk-designed longliner Geir

Skipsteknisk-designed longliner Geir The new Geir has been ordered from Vaagland Båtbyggeri

Ålesund fishing company HP Holmeset has gone to naval architect Skipsteknisk for the third time for the design of its new longliner, ordered from Vaagland Båtbyggeri and with a December 2019 delivery date.

The new 61.80 metre LOA, 13.50 metre beam Geir will replace the company’s 51m vessel that was built at Fiskestrand Verft in 2010.

The new vessel is being built to Skipsteknisk’s ST-156XL design, with capacity for a 70,000 hook autoline system hauling through a moonpool. Like its predecessor, the latest Geir will have diesel-electric propulsion.

According to Skipsteknisk’s Inge Bertil Straume, the new Geir is designed with the focus on environmental and ergonomic factors, as well as for a high quality final product. The new longliner will be able to produce both frozen H&G and fillets, and will have a 60 tonne per day capacity plus a 500 tonne carrying capacity.

“The company is further developing the concept from its previous vessel, with developments to the accommodation, factory deck and propulsion systems,” he said.

“This is the third time HP Holmeset has chosen Skipsteknisk as a designer for his newbuilding. We are delighted that HP Holmeset has again selected us and we are looking forward to working with such a forward-looking shipping company.”

Having both the designer and the shipyard are located in the Møre & Romsdal region means that the company is to be able to choose local subcontractors for much of equipment on board.

“It is important for us to maintain the skills and keep jobs in the county,” said owner Hallgeir Holmeset.

“As well as being competitive on price, we consider it a great advantage to be able to have the suppliers nearby and to work on this project with them.”

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