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Nordsøen under construction

01 Mar 2009


The Galacian shipyard MCies is currently constructing a new fishery inspection and rescue vessel, Nordsøen, for the Danish government.

Construction began in January 2008 and delivery is scheduled for the end of June this year.

The two main propulsion motors are B5J 500 LC4, driven by two Regenerative (AFE) NXP 1800 18805. The three gensets include a MAN 8L21/31 and two MAN 6L21/31.

Winches are a Rapp Hydema AW 28 horizontal anchor winch, two Rapp Hydema GW 680B mooring winches, and Rapp Hydema TOW-4004 and TOW-2501 towing winches.

Other equipment includes a Triplex KN -50/3,0/6,0/70/30/20 deck crane, two Viking 16 DK+ liferafts, and a 4.5m rescue boat.

Electrical and safety equipment includes:


• Ship security alert system, Sailor TT-3000SSA


• Radar transponder, MCMURDO S4

• Navigation system, NACO 55.5

• Antennas, two Comrod AT-82 GMDSS TX/RX y RX and four VHF antennas

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Nordsøen under construction

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