Live fish carrier launched at Gondan

26 Jul 2016


The new live fish carrier ‘MARTIN SÆLE’ was launched at Gondan Shipyard in Figueras, Spain, last week.

The vessel was built for Norwegian company Salmon Star AS, and is 50m in length, with a 12.6m beam. It has the capacity to transport up to 1,000m3 of water and live fish in its hold.

MARTIN SÆLE will operate in the Shetland Islands, where it will transport young and adult fish between different farms along the coast, along with transporting to and from the in-land fish factories and farms. This is a technologically advanced vessel and will be able to accommodate up to seven crew members. However, due to the high degree of automation, it will be operated only by four persons.

After the launching, the vessel was moored at the Yard´s quay, where it will remain for the next few weeks during outfitting. Then, after thorough sea trials, the vessel will sail towards Scotland.

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