Triton 2 fire detection panel launched

29 Jan 2015
Triton 2 fire detection panel

Triton 2 fire detection panel

Sea-Fire has introduced the scaled Triton 2 addressable fire detection panel, based on the successful Triton 8.

Developed for use on medium to large commercial vessels and megayachts, the Triton 2 offers the capacity to drive up to 252 addressable devices over its two integrated loops. By adding up to three repeater panels and the optional expansion module, the unit can provide for 16 loops for 2,016 devices.

The Triton 2 pinpoints both the exact location and type of incident, which allows for a faster reaction to the situation.

The back-lighted panel is easy to operate and features a front key pad with wide-angle LEDs. Users can select from English, French or Spanish and the system automatically records an event log.

The Triton 2 is programmed using the interface, or a PC can be connected via a serial port. Addressing the detectors is easily done using the supplied software.

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