Minimum waste protein marination delivers efficiency

Ishida Europe team Ishida Europe team with the Innovative Processing System of the Year award won for Ishida Orbicote at the 2017 PPMA Awards
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Ishida Europe has developed a marination system for protein products that aims to refine efficiency and consistency.

Ishida Orbicote uses automation to process meat, poultry and fish quickly, weighing products before marination and rejecting under or overweight product to avoid mess and waste and cleaning downtime.

“Orbicote has successfully overcome the classic marination problems of waste and mess,” commented Nick Clark, Ishida Europe’s product manager for Screw Feed Weighers.

“The marination process can now be much more effectively and accurately controlled, delivering valuable cost-savings while enabling manufacturers to more easily expand their product ranges and respond flexibly to market demands and opportunities.”

Multihead weighing

The processing system combines Ishida’s multihead weighing technology with a series of 12 mini-drums, six mounted on each of two interlocking wheels.

Each accurately-weighed portion is fed into an individual mini-drum where it is tumbled with a set dose of marinade, which is placed into the mini-drums using a volumetric filling system. This ensures that product is thoroughly coated before the contents are cleanly dispatched into the packing system.

The mini-drums are positioned closely together in an orbital arrangement, which is synchronised with the weigher and packing system, for example a tray sealer. This enables the Orbicote to operate at speeds of around 55 packs per minute for a typical application such as marinated chicken pieces.

Reducing waste

Weighing products before marination avoids the waste associated with marinating bulk amounts in large drums and then weighing them ‘wet’, where the marinade adheres to the weighing equipment.

Ishida multihead weighers enable over-or underweight combinations to be detected and rejected simultaneously.

If a downstream stoppage occurs, Orbicote can act as a buffer and then take up where it left off without being reset. If a tray is not ready to receive a product discharge, the contents remain in the mini-drums and are only released once a tray is in place. Unfilled trays are briefly paused below the fill point until filled, ensuring no empty trays clutter the line or the sealing system.

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