Great Slave owner violates Fisheries Act

21 Aug 2012
Mr Abbott was fined US$6,000 for violating the 'Fisheries Act'

Mr Abbott was fined US$6,000 for violating the 'Fisheries Act'

Brian Abbott, owner of Canada based Great Slave Fish Products Ltd, has been fined US$6,000 for violating the ‘Fisheries Act’.

Mr Abbott was recently found guilty in Yellowknife Territorial Court, Canada, of breaching four regulations of the Fisheries Act. The owner and operator failed to register his commercial vessel, fished in a non-commercial fishing area, failed to meet the terms of licensing condition and left gear set unattended without being marked with a vessel registration number or the name of the owner.

An investigation was launched by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, following a failed compliancy checks which were carried out in July 2011. Mr Abbott was unable to produce a commercial fishing logbook, fishing licence and his commercial vessel registration number at Great Slave Lake, Yellowknife.

The Canadian Wildlife Service and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police helped fishery officers to search Mr Abbott’s vessel,The Seabird, the fish truck store front and his Jolliffe Island fish plant where they found over 1,500kg of illegally harvested fish and several related documents.

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