EFCA to coordinate implantation of the discard ban

21 Jan 2014

In a seminar organised by the European Fisheries Control Agency in Croatia on 15-16 January, it was agreed by Member States that the agency has a key role in coordinating the implementation of the discard ban.

The seminar addressed control aspects of the implementation of the discard ban introduced as part of the reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) package. Representatives from Member States and the European Commission as well as a range of representation of stakeholders from the Advisory Councils and scientific organisations attended the forum.

The new features of the CFP basic regulation require the adaption of the inspection and control regime to meet the new policy obligations. In particular, the policy introduces the obligation to land all catches of specific species and to ensure the availability of detailed and accurate documentation.

The EFCA will assist Member States and the European Commission to develop simple and cost effective methods for monitoring and ensuring compliance with the landing obligation and make technical recommendations regarding the range of compliance tools which could be employed. The seminar also recognised that involving stakeholders and benefiting from scientists' advice are instrumental to the successful implementation of the landing obligation.

"In its brokering role, the EFCA will facilitate the use of common methodologies, a level playing field and transparency in the implementation of this new measure under the CFP", said Pascal Savouret, executive director of the EFCA.

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