Focus on safety with Safe2Land

The Safe2Land fresh fish unloading cage The Safe2Land fresh fish unloading cage

Promens will be promoting its Safe2Land fresh fish unloading cage at this year’s IceFish.

The system has been specially designed to safely move fresh iced fish from onboard the trawler to the dock and is the product of the cooperation between the Icelandic companies Samherji, Valeska and Hamar.

The first commercially available version has been in use for about a year, and now a new version will be introduced that makes it possible to use the system on a wider range of vessels.

Previously the Safe2Land cage was only suitable for use on larger vessels that had forklift trucks onboard, but now the new version can be used with pallet lift trucks, making it suitable for use on smaller vessels. The cage has also been made lighter so that it is not so heavy on the cranes.

The cage automatically closes upon hoisting and reopens when safely resting on the dock, which means that there is no risk of falling stacks during transportation, and the hooking of individual stacks is no longer needed. The tubs are then are removed from the cage on the dock by a fork lift truck when safely on land.

The Safe2Land system is much safer than manual unloading, as there is no risk of the tubs falling or slipping potentially causing injury.

Holmar Svansson, Sales and Marketing Director of Tubs Europe at Promens tells WF&A that the idea for the Safe2Land system actually came about after an accident that almost killed a dock worker, when tubs full of fish and ice fell on him due to a wire breaking. Following this accident, Samherji and Valeska started to design the first draft of the fish landing gear to safety hoist the fish without the risk of anything ripping, breaking or falling and causing an accident.

Now Samherji requires its whole Icelandic fresh fish fleet to use the Safe2Land cage while unloading vessels.

“As a leading fishing trawler operator, Samherji has been quite successful in terms of ensuring fishermen’s safety. We have seen that with the right equipment, the right training and good communication with fishermen, one accident becomes one too many. The Safe2Land fresh fish unloading cage is a big step up in terms of safety during the unloading of fish”, says Kristján Vilhelmsson, Managing Director of Fishing at Samherji.

Mr Svansson also says that as well as drastically increasing the safety of workers, the system is paying itself off with faster unloading and fewer dock workers needed than with traditional methods.

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