Ísfell’s Streamline and Arctic trawl designs have long been in widespread use, and now the Arctic Force trawl has been added to the catalogue. 

Made using Garware’s SNG and Safir netting in 2.60 and 3.10 mm twine sizes, the new design has been well received both in Iceland and among the company’s overseas customers.

According to Ísfell’s managing director Guðbjartur Thórarinsson, Arctic 101 trawls have performed well with the Faroese fleet.

“Last year we supplied eight of these to Faroese trawlers and compared to the conventional Bacalao there is less gilled fish. This saves a considerable amount of time for the deck crew, and improves catch quality,” he said.

As a major supplier of trawl warp, Ísfell has invested in a spooling system so that new warps can be loaded onto a trawler’s winch drums under constant tension.

“This means the wire gets better handling, and there’s a real saving in time for the crew as there’s no need for the wire to be shot off the drums at sea and re-spooled, as would otherwise be done,” he said.

“This can be a long job, especially if it has to be done in heavy weather, and there’s no fishing until it has been done. So if we can deliver and spool with warps correctly under tension while the ship is discharged and refuelled, then they can go straight to work.”

The spooling system is from Spanish winch manufacturer Ibersica, and this installation built on a 20-foot container base, so it can easily be loaded onto a truck and moved between locations as required. With its 45kW winch motor powered by a diesel generator, it can be deployed to ports and quaysides without easy access to a power supply.

Remote control function provides the operators with better visibility, as well as managing speed and tension, with alarms if any parameters are exceeded.

Ísfell represents a number of overseas manufacturers, including Morgère, Rock, Fishering Service and Bridon-Bekaert, but smaller-scale fishing is very much part of the picture and now Westmarine’s jigging reels have been added to the list. These have already been highly successful in Norway with the coastal fleet and will be part of the range of equipment on the company’s stand at IceFish in September.

These compact haulers are available in either electric or hydraulic versions, and are configured with the line hauled over a chute that extends over the gunwale, bringing each fish on board.

“This simplifies work on deck for the crew, and also reduces the risk of accidents,” Guðbjartur Thórarinsson said, adding that by working with local supplier Stálorka, Ísfell is able to offer Westmarine haulers as a custom-built complete package for any fishing vessel.

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