According to the company’s Gavin Fisher, Ultraguard is fast becoming the preferred choice for vessel owners who want to combat marine growth such as mussels, barnacles and weed in their sea chests, box coolers, seawater cooling systems or on their hulls.

“Manufactured in Scotland, Ultraguard is the most powerful and advanced acoustic antifouling system on the market today and is a cost effective and zero pollution alternative to legacy options such as copper anodes and biocidal paints,” he said, commenting that as Ultraguard has no consumable parts, there is no repeated expense every few years.

“By keeping hulls and cooling systems clean, it saves vessel owners money by maintaining fuel economy throughout the life of the vessel,” he said.

Ultraguard uses ultrasonic acoustic pulses to stop marine growth from establishing itself on a vessel. It can be easily retrofitted and can be installed while the vessel is at sea, with no need to drydock.

Ultraguard comes with a two year, no quibble warranty and is designed to be user serviceable.

“This means that, in the event that there is a problem, the ship’s staff can quickly fix it in minutes with no need for a shore technician to visit the vessel,” he said.

Ultraguard offers a proprietary app for Windows or Mac which allows the ship’s crew to view the operational history of the system, check any alarm codes and quickly and easily block frequencies to avoid conflict with other acoustic equipment such as fish finders or trawl door sensors.

“We are looking forward to being present at this year’s Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition, and being there to support out agent, Atlas,” he said.

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