The Injector trawl doors manufactured by Mørenot and used around the world have been a real success with the Icelandic fleet, according to Mørenot Ísland’s sales manager Björn Jóhannsson, who has sold Injector doors to most leading fishing companies over the last few years.

“The high-aspect Admiral and Monarch doors have become popular for pelagic trawling across the North Atlantic, but Sparrow doors have been shown to really meet the needs of the Icelandic demersal fleet,” he said.

He commented that this is a highly versatile trawl door design, suited for bottom and semi-pelagic trawl gear, plus it has all the spread and flexibility for pelagic trawling as well.

Mørenot’s designers came up with the Injector Sparrow configuration by bringing together the key attributes of Stealth F15 pelagic doors and Cobra demersal doors to produce doors that are as stable as the Injector pelagic doors while maintaining the efficiency and flexibility of the company’s line of demersal doors.

There’s an impressive list of names on the Mørenot Ísland customer list, including many of Iceland’s top trawlers.

“Having Westman Islands trawler Thórunn Sveinsdóttir among our customers is a confirmation of how well these doors perform,” Björn Jóhannsson said, commenting that this consistent top catcher is fishing with a 5.50 square metre pair of Sparrow doors.

Guðmundur í Nesi recently came to us for a new pair of 13 square metre Sparrows, replacing their original pair they had used to fish for catches worth ISK10 billion (close to €70 million). Sólberg has a 12 square metre pair, Brim trawlers Örfirisey and Höfrungur III have 10.5 and 9 square metre pairs of Sparrow doors and Thorfish’s Tómas Thorvaldsson is also fishing with a 10.5 square metre set,” he said, adding that groundfish trawlers from Greenland have come to Mørenot Ísland for new doors.

Tasermuit has a 9 square metre pair of Sparrows and we supplied a 13 square metre pair to Ilivileq, Greenland’s newest trawler, which has been fishing very successfully with them.”

He commented that Mørenot, Sjóvélar and Injector are all names that are well known within the fishing industry and all have participated in the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition in the past, but they will be exhibiting for the first time as a combined presence.

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