The group’s name is drawn from Environmental Technology, and the three partner companies, Evotec AS, Brimer AS and ServiTech AS, each have skills that range across the fisheries, aquaculture maritime sectors.

Entec has delivered custom-built equipment for live fish carriers, service vessels and ocean farming ventures, including completing a number of sea lice operations, and is active in both land-based and offshore fish farming, providing farming, feed and ensilage tanks, as well as water treatment systems.

As a supplier to the catching sector, Entec is delivering Evotec Multisoft winch systems to some of the most innovative fishing vessels under construction, including the new Gitte Henning, currently under construction at Zamakona in Bilbao.

Owner Henning Kjeldsen opted for the company’s all-electric winch system based on SRPM-technology (Synchronous Reluctance assisted Permanent Motors). The liquid cooled motors are developed for highly dynamic loading and operation under harsh conditions.

“The SRPM motors have smaller dimensions, lower weight and higher efficiency compared to permanent magnet motors,” said Entec’s sales manager for fisheries Håkon Woldsund.

“This is a customer we really are looking forward to working with. We deliver the world’s most compact electric winches and have great benefits in terms of weight savings that means that the vessels can carry more catch. These are benefits that we expect will give our customers increased earnings.”

He commented that Entec’s aim is to create value for its customers by offering efficient and sustainable systems.

“We also see significant opportunities for water and wastewater treatment contracts within our Aqua division, as well as products and systems for land-based farming, industry and fisheries. Likewise in our Maritime division we see great potential in the markets for automated handling solutions, service and pipe installations,” he said.

“We are excited to be taking part in the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition for the first time, and see this as one of the key events for the fishing and aquaculture sectors in the Nordic region. We hope to see as many of you as possible at our booth during the show, where we will be able to show a dynamic winch operation, and we will be ready to answer any questions you might have,” Håkon Woldsund said with a smile on his face.

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