Recognising that like many industries which are already well into their digitalisation journey, it is smart solutions that will offer the biggest gains for the fisheries and seafood sectors moving forward, Iceland’s Ískraft will demonstrate some of the latest innovations from Rockwell Automation at this year’s show.

Ískraft has been a distributor of Rockwell supplies since 1994 and is today the only authorised distributor of these products in the country.

According to Ískraft, Rockwell has much to offer the fishing industry. Its variety of software can help processors fully design their plant with digital twins before any materials have been purchased, allowing them to see their plant in action and greatly reduce the risk of design flaws.

Rockwell’s industrial computers have won a variety of awards and are well known for their durability and reliability, while its Variable Frequency Drives have become very popular due to their easy setup and adaptability to a vast variety of motors and applications.

The company produces an array of hygienic equipment (IP66 & IP69) – everything from stainless-steel, high-performance monitors and panel PCs to safety equipment and sensors.

Together with Rockwell certified System Integrators (Mannvit, Lota and Efla), Ískraft has installed Rockwell equipment in a variety of high yielding fish processing plants all over Iceland, with customers including Skinney-Þinganes, Vinnslustöðin, Loðnuvinnslan, Síldarvinnslan and Eskja.





Caption: Ískraft believes Rockwell has many solutions that will benefit the fishing industry