Those within the Måløy Maritime Group (MMG), a cluster representing a variety of specialist suppliers, include ship designer Skipskompetanse, which has recently concluded contracts for new vessels to be built at Larsnes Mek Verksted, one of the busiest shipyards in the region.

Chilean operator Naviera Orca came to Skipskompetance for the design of its new 2800 cubic metre capacity live fish carrier, a 79 metre vessel that will have the latest in equipment for zero emissions during closed transport with monitoring and purification of water. It will have a filter system for collecting lice, UV treatment of water in and out of the cargo holds as well as automatic washing and disinfection systems.

“The new vessel will be a cornerstone to ensure the fish’s well-being in a cost-optimal way,” said Naviera Orca CEO Ezequias Alliende.

“The vessel, the technology, the efficiency and the size are just right for our industry at the moment. This is the kind of technology needed in Chile.”

Another order for Skipskompetanse and Larsnes Mek Verksted is Nord-Fugløy, to be built for Roger Nilsen who fishes from Nord-Lenange in the north of Norway.

This innovative seiner is designed for with options for carrying fish in RSW or processed and frozen on board, as well as the possibility of carrying live fish in 400 cubic metres of its tank capacity.

The SK-3151 design has been optimised for the owner’s operational profile with a Yanmar main engine and a 1000kW/hour battery pack – in an arrangement designed to anticipate climatic challenges that fishing vessels in northern waters may face in future.

“We have attended IceFish once before with great success and are planning a strong presence for this year’s exhibition, where 1o of our 15 members will be attending. Iceland is for many of our members an important market and is therefore a perfect place for our members to meet both new and existing customers,” said MMG CEO Miriam Edler.

“Måløy Maritime Group wants to promote our great network of companies in the maritime and fisheries sector around the fishing port of Måløy, with companies ranging from fishing gear suppliers, installations and electronics, to shipyards, naval architects and port facilities. We are really looking forward to attending this exhibition.”

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