“We see the salmon industry in Iceland growing fast, and this is very exciting. Baader is easily the leader in salmon processing, especially in terms of gutting,” said Jón Valur Valsson.

“So far the industry is using the Baader 142 gutting machine for salmon, and we’re introducing the new 144, which is much more advanced in terms of quality and throughput.”

The Baader 144, for example, takes a picture of every salmon that passes through the machine as part of an extensive digital traceability process.

“If you get a salmon delivery and there’s a question about the quality, using the box number as a reference, the supplier can retrieve images of every fish in that box to check that the gutting was up to standard,” he explained.

There is hardly a fish processor in Iceland that doesn’t have Baader equipment in its processing lines, and the company provides servicing for this range of equipment, and has also been called on to work overseas, looking after fish processing machinery in Greenland and in the USA.

“We have top guys here, and we often get requests for a loan of some of our staff,” he said.

In addition to the parent company’s range of products, Baader Ísland also produces its own line of specialised equipment, including de-scalers for salmon, and heading machines that have been supplied to both on the Icelandic market and exported.

“We have supplied close to three hundred of these now, and the majority of these have gone to Norway. These are also in use in Canada and the USA, plus some in Europe and on board factory vessels,” Jón Valur Valsson said.

Baader Ísland has been a regular exhibitor at IceFish for many years, and the 2021 exhibition will be no exception, as this is seen as a key event in the company calendar.

“It’s a very good exhibition and we get to see a lot of our customers there. It’s an event that brings a lot of people together and so it becomes a place where ideas are exchanged,” he said.

“We always learn a lot from this exhibition about trends and the industry’s requirements. In spite of the internet and rapid communications, it’s still important to have a place to meet. This exhibition is always worthwhile and it has a strong connection to the industry.”

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