Although Knuro is described by its marketing manager Oddvar Raunholm as a niche supplier, it has a remarkable line-up of products, including a cleaner designed to work seamlessly with the Baader 142 gutting machine, a fish counter with a minimum 98% accuracy which tracks daily production, and a SCADA computer production management and analysis platform which goes under the name of The Boss.

“That was the name of the prototype, and it stuck. So now we can’t change it,” he said, adding that The Boss is in use at salmon and trout facilities in Norway and Scotland.

Initially envisaged as a system to gather detailed data from gutting lines, The Boss developed into a comprehensive system that collects and projects data from any piece of equipment in a processing plant.

“We’re exhibiting at IceFish next year as we see Iceland as an important market and we already have customers there – as Arnarlax and Búlandstindur are already using our cleaning systems. We see Iceland’s salmon sector is growing and there are going to be increasing volumes in the next few years – so this is an interesting market for us.”

The 2021 exhibition date is also convenient for Knuro to showcase its new development, a gutting machine for salmon and trout that incorporates the company’s current cleaner technology.

“The cleaner used with other gutting systems saves one person per processing line as it efficiently cleans any remains from the abdominal cavity after gutting, which is why it has become such a popular piece of equipment – with more than 120 units sold,” he explained.

“Now we are working on our own gutting machine and are aiming for a throughput rate of 25-30 fish per minute. The processing plants would be happy if we can achieve 30 fish per minute.”

A test rig is currently in use, and the prototype is expected to be complete by the end of the year, ready to be shipped to the salmon farm that will be testing it under real conditions.

“We hope to have this machine ready in the first quarter of 2021, so this is another reason for being present at IceFish, as we will want to let our current and potential customers see what it can do,” Oddvar Raunholm said.

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